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Scope of Servicing

1. Electrical

a. Battery Charger
• To check for correct function and operation
• Check for any loose wiring internally and externally

b. Battery
• Check the batteries SG state<
• Top-up the distil water as necessary

c. Controller
• Check all the micro switches and relay for correct function
• Check for loose wiring

d. Safety System
• Check the brake
• Check the horn
• Check wheels for wear
• Check safety protection/guards

2. Mechanical
• Check and tighten possible loose screws and nuts
• Check frame for any crack
• Lubricate all movable joints


3. Hydraulic
• Check level of the hydraulic oil and top-up hydraulic oil for 2 months intervals servicing
• Change the oil of the hydraulically tank when the condition of the oil has deteriorate (will be borne by end-user)
• Check the hydraulic cylinders for proper function and to check for any oil leakage from the cylinder
• Rectify and oil leak along the system – check all the hoses connections for any oil leakage
• Check for signs of wear on hoses


4. General Services
• Service and maintenance work on the stacker will be carried out by pre-arrange appointment with relevant supervisor to avoid the disruption of work
• Any parts replaced for the maintenance and repair will be borne by the end-user

5. This agreement may be terminated by either party giving to the other at least one (1) month’s notice in writing.